Farrah Fawcett Art War Lawsuit Witnesses Revealed: Star-Studded List Includes Her 'Charlie's Angels' Costar Jaclyn Smith & Drug-Troubled Son Redmond

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Farrah Fawcett Art War Lawsuit Witnesses Revealed: Star-Studded List Includes Her 'Charlie's Angels' Costar Jaclyn Smith & Drug-Troubled Son Redmond

The two sides in the bitter legal war fighting over a multi-million dollar Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett have a star-studded list of witnesses who will determine whether veteran Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neal stole it or the late actress gifted it to him.

O’Neal’s defense-witness list, obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, includes a few celebrated names from the Charlie’s Angels star’s past — costar Jaclyn Smith and celebrity friend Alana Stewart.

Her drug-troubled surviving son Redmond, who has been sober for 12 months, has also been listed to take the stand in support of his father.

The University of Texas, suing to recover the Warhol which it says the blonde bombshell bequeathed to it in her living trust, has called Farrah’s “secret” end-of-life lover and college sweetheart, Greg Lott, to appear when the case commences in the Los Angeles Superior Court in November, as RadarOnline.com was first to reveal.

In all, O’Neal has indicated to the judge that he intends on calling 26 people, while UT has 15 witnesses.

O’Neal is listed as a potential witness for both sides.

His list of supporting witnesses included dozens of unfamiliar names, including one-time employees of Fawcett, including the pair’s hairdresser Mela Murphy.

Craig Nevius, an Emmy-nominated documentarian and a friend of the late star, has been named as a witness for both sides.

He and O’Neal have a long history, having sued each other: O’Neal claimed Nevius defamed him by claiming he stole the Warhol, while Nevius previously sued O’Neal, his business manager and friend Stewart, alleging they interfered with his role as producer on the actress’ cancer documentary and that “Love Story” star O’Neal once physically threatened him.

The disclosure of a number of well-known names as witnesses is likely to cement this as one of the most closely watched celebrity trials since the cases over the killing of pop star Michael Jackson.

Already, depositions have proved scandalous with tawdry revelations that Lott was her “girlfriend” until she died in 2009 and O’Neal admitting under oath that Fawcett once caught him in bed with another woman!

But both the defense and prosecution have noted that their witness lists could be amended as the trial progresses, meaning some of the famous people might never appear in court.

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O’Neal has stoically insisted that Warhol gifted him the portrait, one of two of Fawcett.

It was RadarOnline.com which first revealed that the silkscreen was missing and later identified it as hanging above his bed inside the Malibu, Calif., beachfront home he once shared with the beauty.