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Cate Edwards: My Father John Told Me About Rielle Hunter Affair — With Late Mother In Neighboring Room

Former presidential candidate John Edwards‘ daughter Cate Edwards said her father told her about his affair with Rielle Hunter with her late mother Elizabeth, reeling in the midst of her cancer battle, in the very next room.

The undoubtedly-awkward pow-wow took place in the family’s North Carolina estate about six or seven summers ago, according to Cate, prior to the National ENQUIRER breaking the story on a national level, effectively torpedoing the two-time presidential candidate’s oval office aspirations.

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“It was important from dad’s perspective to be honest with me,” the 32-year-old, now working as an attorney, told The Washington Post. “He was very emotional in telling me . . . we hugged and I said, ‘I love you.’ That’s generally how it went. He was, he was upset.”

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Cate, an alum of Princeton and Harvard Law School, famously has no love for her fathers one-time mistress, calling the videographer baby mama “a witch on wheels” after Hunter’s 2012 book What Really Happened was filled with jabs at her late mother.

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In January 2010, more than two years after the ENQUIRER‘s initial report, the handsome politician finally admitted to the public that he’d fathered a daughter out-of-wedlock with Hunter. Shortly after his confession, John and his late wife Elizabeth legally separated, and she passed away that December 7 after a 6-year battle against breast cancer.

Cate told the Post that while ‘bad things can happen to you — but it’s not that they overwhelm you when you recognize the blessings you have and the people you have, because that’s always what gets you through that sadness and difficult times.”