'Kris Has Admitted To Cheating… She Has A Hole In Her': Momager's Sister Karen Reveals Bombshell Reason Behind Split With Husband Bruce

Kris and Bruce Jenner‘s 22-year-marriage has come to an end, and shockingly, some of the people closest to her are siding with Bruce: The momager’s own sister, Karen Houghton, has stepped forward in the wake of the split to tell Star magazine that Bruce is “the nicest guy,” but Kris has a “hole in her,” and has even cheated!

“Kris has admitted to cheating,” Karen reveals in the interview, admitting, “it’s so funny because I could never see a guy cheating on her. She’s so powerful.”

Kris even went so far as to meet up with her ex-lover on an episode of KUWTK.

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But as for Bruce, who Karen calls “the nicest guy,” she insists, “I do not believe that [he] has ever cheated on Kris … And I don’t think he ever will, if they stay together.”

If the separation ends in divorce, Karen says, “Bruce will find someone else. But I guarantee you, Kris will find someone in two days. I promise!”

That kind of mercenary behavior is what Karen has come to expect from her sister, as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star prioritized power and money over family during the past few years.

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“I wish she could’ve spent a little more time with me in the past few years,” Karen admits. “But I understand that she’s had a business and she had to be busy.”

“My sister is a person who likes to stay really busy, focused, in control, done, done, ABC, you know,” she explains. “And even a little bit anal. But I think that’s because when you have situations inside of you that aren’t filling your complete happiness, there’s a hole in you. And I think right now, Kris has that hole in her because of what’s going on with the family right now.”

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In particular, Karen says, allegations of Lamar Odom‘s drug use and cheating on Kris’ daughter, Khloe Kardashian, “devastated her.”

“And the stress,” she explains, “was beyond what any mother could take. And then, you know, Kanye had moved in with Kim, so the house was kind of crazy, and I think there was to ouch on her plate. And then Bruce moved out … I don’t think Kris knew how to handle it. I think she tried her very best, she’s amazing, but I just think she couldn’t do it all.”

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