John McAfee’s Ex Says He Lives ‘In Constant Fear,’ And For Good Reason

By Radar Staff

An ex-girlfriend of suspected killer John McAfee — the anti-virus software guru who started McAfee Associates in 1989 —  says the 67-year-old is justified in his paranoia that authorities in Belize are out to get him.

“He’s in constant fear, paranoid,” the woman — only identified as “Francesca” — told CNN. “I would say it’s because of what he has been through.”

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As we previously reported, Belize officials seek to speak with the eccentric McAfee about the shooting death of his neighbor, and fellow American, Gregory Faull. McAfee has evaded officials, claiming he and those close to him have been wrongly targeted since the incident.

“He thinks people are always after him, which they really are right now,” Francesca said, adding she speaks to McAfee “not often, once a day, or hardly ever” since his issues with police emerged.

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“It will never be ended until John is dead,” Francesca said. “That’s what I believe, until [police] kill him.”

Francesca said she’s unsure of where his physical location is at this time.

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Police spokesman Raphael Martinez said McAfee “needs to come in so that we can clear the air. We are law-abiding people here. We follow the laws to the letter.

“We believe at this point that he has absolutely no fear of being killed by anybody.”



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