At Home With Katie: Couric Lets TV Show Audience Hang Out At Her Apartment!

By Radar Staff

The toast of New York was there – Donald Trump, Andy Cohen, Jimmy Fallon, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, oh, and a whole studio audience.

On Monday, Katie Couric invited her biggest fans into her apartment as part of a surprise show that was taped entirely at her home and has video of what happened.

PHOTOS: Katie Couric Invites Her Biggest Fans Into Her Apartment

The former TODAY host is riding high in the TV ratings after taking over the afternoon slot on ABC.

And while her predecessor media mogul once gave each member of her studio audience a car and took 300 fans on a trip to Australia, Couric, 55, invited her fans into her apartment for mimosas and parlor games.

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In a behind-the-scenes clip a staffer tells the camera: “So I’m outside of Katie’s apartment and I think she’s gone insane. She has suggested that we take the entire studio audience, all of the employees – 100-plus people – and put them in her apartment to shoot the show.”

At one point Couric excitedly talked about Pippa Middleton’s perfect posterior in a game during which she, Cohen and Fallon had to describe famous people while the audience guessed whom they were talking about.

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Couric blurted out: “She’s really cute, Kate’s sister, kind of has a nice a**

In another clip she sits on her four-poster bed in her pajamas. The mom-of-two confesses that she always goes to sleep with one electronic gadget by her side.

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She says: “I sleep at night – this is sad – with my iPhone to keep me company.”


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