Lisa Vanderpump & Adrienne Maloof Feud Over Radar: All A Big Misunderstanding!

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Lisa Vanderpump & Adrienne Maloof Feud Over Radar: All A Big Misunderstanding!

By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

Lisa Vanderpump was on the defensive Monday night during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show when Adrienne Maloof accused her of selling stories to Radar, but can exclusively report the ladies are good, and it was all just a big misunderstanding!

“Don’t blame Adrienne for accusing Lisa, she was told wrong info by person not from Radar,”’s Executive Vice President, David Perel, revealed on his twitter account (@IMPerel) Tuesday. “I don’t blame Adrienne at all! Totally not her fault. She was given wrong info.”

Perel also tweeted out in support of Lisa saying, “Happy to set the record straight for Lisa and everyone. Wild reunion!”

Things got heated during the reunion show when Adrienne fingered Lisa as leaking a story to, with a price tag of a whopping $25,000.

“I’ve never sold a story!” Lisa adamantly said. But Adrienne wouldn’t back down, and the claws were out in full force.

“You’ve never sold a story? To Radar Online?” Adrienne questioned her former neighbor.

“Never sold a story. Have I talked to Radar Online? Yes!” Lisa said, noting she’s never been paid for anything. “Sold a story? You think they’ve given me a check? No on my children’s life. On my life!”

After talking to both ladies, Perel figured out who had communicated the false information to Adrienne and the air was cleared.

“@IMPerel Thank you for your support, I know what @TheRealCamilleG and I were told. Moving fwd in a positive direction! xoA” Adrienne tweeted on Tuesday to Perel.

“Thank u!! following you @IMPerel glad we can move on to more important things! Have a great day!! XoxoA”

Lisa also tweeted in support: “@radar_online thank you for supporting me and not that bullsh*t…means a lot.”

So, until next week’s second episode of the reunion show, everybody’s getting along.

You can follow’s Executive Vice President David Perel on Twitter @IMPerel.



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