Kardashians Growingly Concerned About Black Sheep Rob’s Fondness For Sizzurp, Marijuana

Rob Kardashian’s already made headlines in recent months in regards to his expanding waistline and shrinking relationship with his family; now, his loved ones have another source of distress with the 27-year-old — his growing drug use.

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According to online reports, the image-conscious clan is looking into rehab facilities to place their prodigal son in, after a recent party in which he was seen smoking marijuana and sipping Sizzurp, the codeine-packed concoction that’s been connected to music stars such as Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne, among others.

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While the notion of a rehab stint has been floated to the sock designer, he had been resistant to the idea, according to online reports.

The news comes just less than a year after the family’s futile attempts to help Khloé Kardashian’s ex, Lamar Odom, battle his demons, though he and Khloé eventually wound up divorcing over the issues.

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As we previously reported, Rob’s relationship with his sisters has been heavily strained since he prematurely left her wedding last month, as Kim is very unhappy with him, while Khloé’s made multiple unrequited attempts to reconnect.

“He feels completely estranged from his sisters and family,” a source told us. “He really isn’t in a good place.”

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