Wasting Away In London! Lindsay Lohan Has Dropped 15-20% Of Her Body Weight, Estimates Top Nutritionist — ‘She Looks Limp, Bony & Skeletal’

Since leaving rehab last year, Lindsay Lohan has lost quite a chunk of weight — so much so, that one nutrition expert exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that the troubled starlet “does not appear” to be using healthy methods and looks “limp, bony and skeletal.”

The hard-partying actress has spent much of the last few months overseas in London where she’s been photographed out at nightclubs, spurring reports that she’s boozing it up and has “fallen off the wagon.”

“Lindsay Lohan appears to have dropped almost 15 pounds in the past nine months,” certified nutritionist and personal trainer Franci Cohen — who has never treated Lohan — told Radar.

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“While this may not seem like a lot of weight to lose, given her petite frame and small size, 15 pounds is possibly 15-20% of her entire body weight!”

Cohen notes that Lohan did look “a bit plump” in the August 2013 photo, she does think her current frame doesn’t reflect a “healthy diet” and use of exercise.

“The photos of her now appear a bit skeletal. Her face is drawn, and bones in her arms and legs are much more visible than before. While this may be a healthy weight loss in another person of similar height and size, it does not appear to be the case with Lindsay,” Cohen said.

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“In current pictures, she looks limp, bony, and there is no visible evident muscle tone, that would normally be present in a person having lost weight through healthy diet modification and exercise.”

As Radar exclusively reported, Lohan, 27, has been taking full advantage of the nightlife in Europe hitting up London’s top hot spots.

“Lindsay was off the wagon, everyone has their stumbles, everyone will go out to drink,” the source said, defending her decision and admitting that the troubled star was apparently imbibing again recently.

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“She fell off the horse but she picked herself back up and got back on. It’s a struggle. Just because you have a hiccup doesn’t mean you have to hold your breath.”

Lohan has reportedly been working hard to stay sober and hitting the gym every single day — even though Cohen says it doesn’t show.

“She’s really trying to stay sober,” the source said. “And she’s taking it one day at a time.”

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