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A Teenage Drama Queen — At 27? Lindsay Lohan Too Immature For NY Teen Clique

The star of Mean Girls and Adventures of a Teenage Drama Queen, is living up to both titles, as RadarOnline.com has learned that Lindsay Lohan‘s onslaught of “childish” behavior has put off an elite group of New York teens she’s been hanging out with since her release from rehab this summer.

“It’s childish stuff,” a source told the NY Post. “She’s chronically distraught. Every time she comes around, she causes problems.”

Lohan, according to the NY Post, has acted out, in particular, when it comes to Morgan O’Connor, an 18-year-old model she’s been romantically linked with.

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“She finds out where Morgan is, then shows up and causes problems,” an O’Connor source told the paper. “Morgan’s modeling, he’s going to the gym, working for charities — he’s got stuff to do. He doesn’t want to be around Lindsay or her –behavior.”

The source delved into detail about a recent incident where Lindsay brought mayhem and chaos to a hotel party frequented by the Rich Kids Of Instagram crowd. After O’Connor didn’t return a few calls from Lohan, the source said, she found out he was at the swanky Manhattan hotel the Dream Downtown, and made a huge stink in which she alienated the females present — most nearly 10 years her junior.

“She knocked on his door, came in and started bitching Morgan out,” the insider said. “She was ordering all the girls to leave, telling one that her Balmain jeans were fake.

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“She said she wouldn’t leave till they all left — these kids are 18.”

With the Lohan tornado causing chaos, one of the partygoers called security, and the source told the paper that the guards who responded to the call were confused upon arrival.

“They honestly didn’t know what to do — they assumed it was Lohan’s room,” the source said, as after that, the Mean Girls star “called her dad and locked herself in a bedroom, and wouldn’t come out.”

Lohan was also in the middle of an unpleasant incident earlier this month during Art Basel in South Florida, in which Paris Hilton‘s younger brother Barron was clocked by Ray LeMoine, a New Yorker in town for the festival who Lohan had made fast friends with.