Kylie & Kendall Jenner Poo On Paparazzi, Claim They Have 10 Camera-Wielding 'Stalkers' Following Them Daily

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are tired of saying “cheese” for the ragtag band of paparazzi that follows them everywhere in hopes of snapping lucrative pictures to sell to entertainment outlets.

Recently, it’s gotten pretty bad,” Kendall, 17, told the nationally syndicated radio show Zach Sang and The Gang Thursday, before Kylie explained that not a single day goes by with out the intrusion of the paparazzi.

“Every single morning, before school, they wait outside the gates to our community,” the 15-year-old said. “They know all our cars, they know all my friends’ cars … [there’s] maybe like 10 cars stalking us if we drive to Malibu.”

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Kendall said “these people irk me so much,” noting her younger sister’s hardship of being “a brand new driver” who “has, like, 10 people stalking her” at any given time, during a period in which she’s trying to get comfortable behind the wheel.

Kendall said on one occasion, her father Bruce “got so mad, he pulled over and called the police” out of frustration. She added that “it’s pretty ridiculous” that it’s legal.

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“Especially with the deaths,” Kylie chimed in, referring to a number of accidents linked to paparazzi pursuits (such as the one earlier this year when a photographer hoping to get an image of Justin Bieber was fatally hit by a car while on the job).

But it’s not just the following around, according to the young fashionistas, explaining that the paps are prone to taunting the precocious celebs for kicks.

Kylie said the paps will often ask her if she hates them “in a mean way.”

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“They love it even more [when they make you upset,]” she said. they wanna follow you even more.”

Asked about Kanye West‘s recent explosion on a pap at LAX, Kylie said incidents like that are prone to misconception, as no one is privy to what the photogs said to the famous people prior to the exchange.

“The public doesn’t even know what happens [between the celebs and the paps] before [the conflict,]” said Kylie. “It’s not like he would flip out on them for no reason.”

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