Pew! From Rob Pattinson’s Unwashed Hair To Bradley Cooper’s Deodorant Ban, Stinky Celebs Reveal All!

By Radar Staff

Seems not all stars are ready for their close ups!

From dodging deodorant to ditching shampoo and sidestepping toothpaste it appears that celebrities are not always the best role models when it comes to cleanliness!

PHOTOS: Stinky Celebrities Reveal Their Hygiene Fails! has a list of some stinky famous people who are not ashamed to admit their unhygienic habits, courtesy of the always fragrant HuffPo!

Hunky Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper may have an army of female fans but the pin-ups both shun deodorant.

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Funny woman Joan Rivers recommends spraying your armpits with a mixture of vodka and water, while Brad Pitt sometimes just forgoes water alll together and reaches for the baby wipes!

Robert Pattinson hates washing his hair, Megan Fox forgets to flush the toilet and Jessica Simpson would rather rub her pearly whites clean with a shirt than make them “slippery” by using a toothbrush.

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Meanwhile Anderson Cooper and Snooki seem to have found ways to save time and money.

The CNN anchorman only washes his jeans twice in six months, usually while standing in the shower. And the Jersey Shore star – a self-confessed “cheapo” uses cat litter to exfoliate her skin.

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Check out the confessions of stinky celebs here!


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