Storage Wars Star Helps Rescue Three People In Crashed Car

By David PerelExecutive Vice President/Managing Editor Radar

Dan Dotson is known for his super-fast patter as the auctioneer on the hit show Storage Wars but he also showed he can act as fast as he can speak.

After helping three people in a rolled over car, ‘Dan the auctioneer’ is now being called ‘Dan the hero,’ RadarOnline is reporting.

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On a recent road trip to Las Vegas, Dotson came across three people in a car rollover and immediately went into action.

He turned the car back over, and all three people who were trapped were fine.

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The first person to call him a hero? That would be his wife Laura, who immediately tweeted: “Wow @auctiondan is my Hero!”

Dan’s good deed clearly carried some karma, because when he got to Las Vegas he was rewarded with a Royal Flush!

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Meanwhile, Storage Wars was recently thrown into turmoil when war erupted between the A&E show and one of its key personalities, Dave Hester, as RadarOnline previously reported.

As claims have surfaced that the show is fake, Hester was sent an option for the new season and then it was rescinded, according to a source.

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“He was not involved in the first few days of filming even though the rest of the cast was,” said a source. “He thinks he may be fired.”

One big issue: accusations that the show’s bidding is rigged and that items are put in some lockers to be “discovered” and add to the drama of the episode.

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The show and Hester have remained silent about Radar’s report, even with the new season about to begin.


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