Stephanie Seymour’s ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ Son On Election Results, ‘Kill Obama’

By Radar Staff

Smooching his mom, Stephanie Seymour, isn’t the only controversial thing that Peter Brant II has done!

The son of the supermodel and publishing billionaire Peter Brant Sr., who is a fixture on the infamous Rich Kids of Instagram blog, made some shocking comments to one of his fellow overly privileged pals via text message, sharing the conversation on Instagram, and has the details.

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“Guess were [sic] poor now,” Brandt’s pal Andrew Warren texted him shortly after it was announced that President Barack Obama had been reelected for a second term, as first published by Jezebel.

“I have a contingency plan,” Brandt responded. “Kill Obama hahaha.”

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“HAHA well Atleast [sic] women have rights. Oh wait I don’t care,” Warren responded, with Brandt in agreement.

“Hahahaahaha exactly.”

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Wednesday afternoon, Warren was apparently offended that people didn’t have a sense of humor about their banter.

“People seriously need to take a joke, the instagram obviously wasn’t serious,” Andrew tweeted. “Everyone can move on now I obviously believe in women’s rights.”

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Peter, who is openly gay, experienced his first taste of scandal in January 2011, when photos of himself embraced in a kiss with his supermodel mom in St. Barts were splashed on the internet.


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