Child Protective Services Called To Octo-Mom’s House AGAIN!

By Jen HegerRadar Assistant Managing Editor

Officials from the Los Angeles County Child Protective Services are planning on visiting NadyaOcto-MomSuleman‘s house in Palmdale, Calif. yet again, after someone made an anonymous call to the agency last Friday over concerns about the welfare of her 14 children, is exclusively reporting.

“Social workers from DCFS will be visiting Nadya’s Palmdale home this week to do a welfare check,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Officials are trying to get a hold of Nadya and speak to her, but have so far been unable to reach her. Under the law anytime someone makes a report about a child being in either physical or emotional danger an investigation will be launched and a visit to the home is legally required. Social workers will most likely want to speak to all 14 children individually.”

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As exclusively reported, Suleman is currently “in rehab” undergoing treatment for Xanax addiction, although she doesn’t seem to be taking it very seriously, as it turns out the mother of 14 has been in Tennessee filming a spoof video.

According to a source, Nadya was filming a shoot with Cledus T. Judd, a country music artist known for his parodies of popular songs.

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“Nadya has been in Tennessee since at least Monday where she’s filming a spoof in which she gets married to Cledus,” the source said. “She was extremely annoying to everyone on set and her crazy laugh scared all the geese off!”

The insider reveals that while Nadya is supposed to be in rehab, she was paid $1,500 to do the shoot and her airfare and accommodations were also paid for.

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“It’s interesting that Nadya’s son filed a restraining order by a member of her manager’s team stating that Suleman is unavailable due to being in rehab,” the source said. “When really, she’s just off making money and taking a break from her kids!”

Meanwhile, “There is genuine concern about the well-being of Nadya’s children. DCFS will want to know who is taking care of these kids, and are the older ones regularly attending school? Have the kids talked to Nadya while she is away? Nadya is allegedly in rehab for prescription drug abuse, so did the kids have access to any of those medications? These are answers that social workers need answers for,” the insider tells Radar.

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The visit from social workers to Nadya’s house will take place later this week.


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