Gloria Allred: CPS Need To Investigate Octo-Mom Over Child Abuse Allegations

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Gloria Allred: CPS Need To Investigate Octo-Mom Over Child Abuse Allegations

By Jen HegerRadar Assistant Managing Editor

Gloria Allred is demanding that child protective services conduct a thorough investigation into allegations of sexual and physical abuse involving Nadya Suleman‘s 14 children, is exclusively reporting.

“These allegations are very serious,” the civil rights attorney tells Radar.

“The children must be protected. Orange County Child Protective Services needs to conduct a thorough investigation in order to ensure that the 14 children in the Suleman household are safe and protected from abuse. In the past, it is my belief that OCCPS has failed to conduct a thorough in-depth investigation as mandated by law.

“Failure to conduct an appropriate investigation by this agency can leave vulnerable children at risk. I urge OCCPS to send their most experienced and qualified investigators to investigate these latest allegations as soon as possible,” Allred said.

As previously reported, Suleman will not be charged for child abuse after police investigated claims that she allowed her older children to sexually abuse some of her eight younger children.

“The La Habra Police turned over a case this morning and we reviewed it and found that there was insufficient evidence to file charges against Nadya Suleman or her parents,” the Orange County District Attorney’s Chief of Staff Susan Kang Schroeder told on Friday.

The latest drama in Octo-Mom’s life erupted after two nannies who worked for Suleman told L.A.’s CBS2 that they witnessed child neglect and sexual abuse in the home.

“(One of the boys) would take (his sibling) away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her. I told Nadya everything. She never did (anything). ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ That was her attitude,” the woman said.

“I feel like those children are in danger,” one of the nannies said.  “I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.”

Just hours after cops announced Suleman would not be charged with endangering her kids, Octo-Mom was the guest of honor at a drag queen show in New York Friday night. It wasn’t pretty.

Sitting on the stage at the XL nightclub, Octo-Mom flashed her breasts, pretended to nurse two plastic dolls, fed one of the “babies” from a bottle of vodka, and screened a clip from her porno film – all while the drag queens cheered and laughed.

Meanwhile, Suleman has ditched her La Habra home and is now living in northern Los Angeles County in Palmdale.

Nadya adamantly denied the accusations to, saying: “None of the allegations are true.”



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