Octo-Mom Flashes Her Breasts, Screens Her Porn Film, At NYC Drag Queen Show

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Octo-Mom Flashes Her Breasts, Screens Her Porn Film, At NYC Drag Queen Show

By Radar Staff

Just hours after cops announced Nadya Suleman would not be charged with endangering her kids, Octo-Mom was the guest of honor at a drag queen show in New York Friday night. It wasn’t pretty.

Sitting on the stage at the XL nightclub, Octo-Mom flashed her breasts, pretended to nurse two plastic dolls, fed one of the “babies” from a bottle of vodka, and screened a clip from her porno film — all while the drag queens cheered and laughed.

Several of the queens participating in the Hot Mess Drag Review tried to get Nadya to expose a little more of her ample chest by pulling the dolls away. And even Nadya seemed a bit embarrassed by the clip of her porn film, an eyewitness tells us.

The outrageous exhibition came mere hours after the La Habre, CA police department announced it would not be filing charges against Suleman.

As RadarOnline.com reported, on Thursday, two of her former nannies went on television in Los Angeles, accusing Suleman of being such a negligent parent, one of her older boys was sexually abusing his younger sisters.

Suleman denied the allegation at the time, and police investigators agree no crime was committed.

XL is the same nightclub where, in August, tanning mom Patricia Krentcil appeared and became such a drunken mess, had to be carried out.

WARNING: Video contains nudity and strong language

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