Monica Lewinsky Cuts A Lonely Figure In The New York Rain

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By Radar Staff

Cutting a gloomy figure in the New York rain, Bill Clinton’s scandal plagued former White House intern Monica Lewinsky looks a shadow of the woman that had an affair with the ex-President, is reporting.

Now 39, Lewinsky was pictured for the first time in nearly a year walking down a busy street in the Big Apple without attracting a single glare – stark contrast to the global notoriety she achieved when news broke she was engaging in sexual relations with the U.S. Politician in 1998.

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However, that could soon all change. According to reports, Lewinsky has been offered $12 million to write a tell-all book about the affair, which could include her intimate love letters to Clinton, as well as reveal his desire for threesomes.

Certain to be discussed is the fact that she has never married, doesn’t have children, nor is she dating. And it’s not as if her working life has been much better. She’s tried various guises but has yet to find her true calling in life.

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She stays in New York with her mother Marcia Strauss, who owns a penthouse in the city. This after moving out of her plush apartment in the exclusive Archive building in Greenwich Village, where one-bedroom condos can cost as much as $7,450 a month.

Times appear hard – and she also looks to be struggling with her weight. It looks like Lewinsky has re-gained the 31 pounds she once lost on the Jenny Craig diet program – she was famously axed as their spokesperson after just three months into a $1 million contract because she wasn’t a good role model.

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Back in August, Lewinsky’s beloved stepfather, radio pioneer R. Peter Strauss passed away at his New York home at age 89. Marcia was heartbroken – so Monica agreed to stay with her mom to help comfort her. reported that Monica’s plans to write a memoir stemming from the fact she still owes money for massive legal costs relating to the Clinton affair.


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