Super Cute! Hero Piggy Saves Baby Goat From Drowning

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

A pig became an unlikely hero when he saved his petting zoo buddy from drowning, and has video of the dramatic rescue.

The brave Babe jumped into a lake to piggy-paddle across to a baby goat who was flailing in the water and pushed him to safety as he desperately thrashed around.

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Once the plucky porker had shoved the Billy to dry land, the cameraman celebrated the rescue, “And there he is, the hero pig!” he said.

While the pig’s selfless act has been hailed, many commenters on YouTube have questioned why the man shooting the video didn’t jump in to help instead!

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“Guy who’s filming, you really should have put down the camera and gone to get a handler. Goats and sheep aren’t very smart and panic in water,” wrote one angry animal lover.


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