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Kato Kaelin On O.J. Simpson: ‘Yes, He Did It’

By Radar Staff

Kato Kaelin is back in the news.

O.J. Simpson‘s free-wheeling cabana boy, who became a tabloid mainstay during the intense media coverage of “The Trial of The Century,” tells the NY Post, “The statute of limitations has now passed…so I can now say…yes, he did it.”

Kaelin said he didn’t admit his feelings at the time because he was “too scared” and “terrified,” though his testimony could have potentially meant a guilty verdict for the Buffalo Bills running back-turned-Hertz pitchman in the killings of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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“People hated me,” the Celebrity Boot Camp personality said. “I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffee.”

In an appearance on The View in 2011, the houseguest said he “thought [Simpson] was guilty,” adding he’s had “no contact” with the former Buffalo Bills running back, aside from a one-off brush-by at a restaurant, since the June 1994 killings. He said that “karma just came around” in regards to O.J.’s 2007 conviction in Las Vegas.

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Simpson might have tested that karma in 2006, when he shopped around a book called If I Did It, which was a macabre, hypothetical walk through of the murders he claimed he didn’t commit.



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