High School Teacher Says LeAnn Rimes Lawsuit Is ‘Ridiculous. Does She Want My House?’

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

The woman being sued by LeAnn Rimes for invasion of privacy is firing back at the lawsuit exclusively to RadarOnline.com, calling it “ridiculous.”

Kimberly Smiley, a high school special education teacher, says that she is stunned by the lawsuit. “This is ridiculous,” she exclaimed to RadarOnline.com. “What are they expecting? Does she want my house?”

LeAnn’s lawsuit claims that she is suing Kimberly after she allegedly tape recorded a telephone conversation with the country singer, but Smiley defends her action saying that she had been previously threatened by LeAnn and her friends.

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“People that LeAnn know have threatened me multiple times, telling me that they’re going to come to my work and say bad things about me. I’m a teacher, why would they come to my work?” Kimberly asked.

Kimberly said that when LeAnn called her she was constantly swearing and raising her voice. “Her words shocked me and scared me on that call. I was afraid because she was getting so angry. It shocked me and scared me.”

Kimberly described the unexpected phone conversation she had with LeAnn in March saying, “She was trying to bully me back then and she is now. LeAnn wants me to like her and she was mad because I won’t. I do not like her. What would give her any clue that I was going to like her just because she called me?”

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Kimberly told RadarOnline.com that she is planning to speak with a lawyer to defend herself and her daughter against the lawsuit.

“My daughter is so upset about this and I don’t like to see her upset. But honestly, what does LeAnn want from us? We don’t have anything for her to take,” she said.

LeAnn Rimes has entered a treatment center for “anxiety and stress.”



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