Skin And Bones? 10 Stars Who Have Been Scary Skinny

By Radar Staff

How skinny is too skinny?

Hollywood stars love looking lean, but sometimes they take their desire to be skinny to dangerous lengths.

From the hottest reality stars and super models to big screen bombshells, has photos of 10 stars who have gone too far with their dieting and ended up with scary skinny status.

PHOTOS: 10 Celebrities Who Have Been Scary Skinny

Scandal can takes its toll on celebrities! Demi Moore drastically dropped pounds as a result of Ashton Kutcher’s cheating scandal, spawning concern when she hit the red carpet looking more bony than beautiful.

After speculation that her director hubby Matthew Vaughn could possibly be the father of January Jones’ baby, Claudia Schiffer traded in her curves for a scary fat-free figure.

Lindsay Lohan’s little sister Ali announced that she was pursuing a career as a model, and then proceeded to lose an insane amount of weight. Doctor’s verdict: not healthy!

Tori Spelling and Mary-Kate Olsen went through skin and bones phases, but both the beauties managed to put some weight back on and get healthy again.

And LeAnn Rimes was slammed for losing a drastic amount of weight and flaunting her scary skinny body in skimpy bikinis, but the country singer swears she just got rid of her baby weight.

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