RADAR EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Sheen Is Clean: Two And A Half Men Star Passes Blood & Urine Drug Test

Charlie Sheen passed a blood and urine drug test in a move the Hollywood superstar made to prove he is clean, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

Sheen accepted RadarOnline.com’s request to take the drug tests, which he allowed us to capture on video.

READ CHARLIE SHEEN’S TOXICOLOGY RESULTS: Charlie Sheen Passes Blood & Urine Drug Test

It was an unusual and bold move by a Hollywood superstar who has been at the center of controversy as his battle with CBS and Warner Bros. Television rages on, after the organizations shut down his program, Two and a Half Men.

An independent lab contracted by RadarOnline.com administered a blood and urine drug screening and Sheen tested negative for all illegal substances.

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The test was done at the actor’s Los Angeles mansion on Saturday.

He also passed a test performed with a home detection kit, as RadarOnline.com previously revealed.

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“This is actually awesome, this is so bizarre, dude,” Sheen told RadarOnline.com’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard, as he underwent the blood test.

Watch RadarOnline.com’s exclusive video here.

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Sheen thanked RadarOnline.com for its “legendary” and “b*tching” challenge but joked, as he was caught on camera in the bathroom before providing a urine sample: “This is a career high point — from Platoon to this — who’s winning now!”

Sheen also sat down with RadarOnline.com for a no-question-off-limits exclusive video interview, in which he adressed his sobriety, the ongoing war with his bosses plus his lifestyle.

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You can watch that captivating interview here.

Howard revealed the results of RadarOnline.com’s drug test on ABC’s Good Morning America.

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“As Charlie had insisted to me last week, the test results came back negative,” Howard said.

Sheen, 45, returned a negative finding for RadarOnline.com blood test, which was conducted by a court-certified toxicology laboratory, for the following panel of drugs: amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine metabolite, methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, propoxyphene and ethyl alcohol.

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The urine sample also came back clean for amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine metabolite, methadone, opiates, phencyclidine and propoxyphene.

Both test were administered in front of a lab technician and Howard to ensure they could not be faked or compromised.

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“I am very comfortable, 100 percent,” the tester told RadarOnline.com, as seen in our video.

Three vials of blood were drawn from Sheen’s left arm for the test and he provided a urine sample.

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The star flew back from his tropical vacation in the Bahamas to Los Angeles late on Friday night determined to face his critics head on and earlier than Monday, as he had previously agreed to do.

The results obviously end suspicion about Sheen’s extra-curricular behavior in recent time, but it should be noted the results only provide a short window into his life.

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For example, if a drug was in Sheen’s system last weekend, it would almost certainly not show up unless a hair test was conducted.

“Cocaine only stays in your system typically one to three days, even if you have been a habitual user of the drug cocaine for several or multiple years,” said a spokesperson from the lab engaged by RadarOnline.com.

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“It will be out your system in a very short time span, regardless of how long the person has used cocaine. Marijuana stays in your system longer if you are a habitual user, typically 7-14 days.”

“Charlie is currently negative at the time the test was taken and there was no recent usage 24-72 hours prior to us doing the collection.”

DOCUMENT: Toxicology Labaratory Explains Commonly Abused Drugs — A Quick Reference Guide

The star, who has been rehabbing at home, insisted to RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive video interview, that he has been clean for some time: “It’s just a choice I’m making today. Just a choice.”

Sheen has been embroiled in a new drug scandal since police were called to his New York hotel in October last year and found the actor out of control and naked after a cocaine fueled bender with an escort.

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Then in January, the star was sent by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with severe abdominal pains related to a hernia. That happened after several days of non-stop partying.

One porn star who partied with Sheen just hours before he was hospitalised said he “wasted out of his mind” and had been smoking $20,000 worth of crack cocaine for 36 hours.

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Charlie Sheen's bloodAccording to the laboratory commissioned to do Sheen’s test, the following parameters should be noted:


– can be detected after 1-4 hours of being used
– will be out of the system in 2-3 days with urine
– blood for cocaine 1-4 hours and stays for 1-2 days

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– can be detected 2-4 hours after being used
– stays in blood and urine for 5-7 days


– look for morphine (breaks down in your body that way)
– show up 1-3 hours after use
– stays in blood and urine for 1-3 days

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– can be detected 1-4 hours after first use
– stays in blood and urine for 1-2 days


– can be detected 1-3 hours of being used
– out of system in 5-7 days if you are a habitual user


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