EXCLUSIVE: Scandal Grows: Jeweler Contacted Lindsay’s Attorney To Keep HER Copy Of Tape Off The Market!

The scandal surrounding the sale of surveillance video at the heart of Lindsay Lohan‘s criminal case is growing.

A lawyer representing the jeweler contacted Lindsay’s attorney, Shawn Holley, last week, inquiring about obtaining her copy of the video and trying to keep it off the market, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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The jeweler needed to keep every other copy of the tape off the market or it would jeopardize the lucrative sale of the tape that has grossed more than $35,000, as RadarOnline.com reported exclusively.

RadarOnline.com broke the story late Saturday that the owner of Kamofie &  Co. sold the surveillance tape, in a move that is stirring controversy and possibly affecting the criminal case.

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Now we’ve learned that an attorney representing the jeweler spoke to Lindsay’s lawyer as deals were being made to sell the video. Lindsay’s lawyer is not happy about the tape being sold and had no part in the sale, it is important to note. (The prosecution is also extremely unhappy about the sale.)

“The jewelry store owner’s lawyer was contacting Shawn Holley and trying to obtain HER copy of the video, and also wanted Shawn not show the tape to anyone,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

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The lawyer attempted to question Shawn about her copy of the video. The source told RadarOnline.com that the jeweler wanted to make sure that no other copy of the tape was leaked or made public so that the jeweler could profit from the sale.

It was an outrageous move. “The ONLY reason they were contacting Shawn was so they would be assured the video could be sold for more money, and securing a lucrative financial gain for the jewelry store owner,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

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Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to appear in front of Judge Keith Schwartz on Thursday, March 10th, 2011,in connection with the grand felony theft charge she faces.

Images from the surveillance tape are online and can be seen here.

Entertainment Tonight licensed the video from the broker who was hawking it and is scheduled to air the tape Monday. They are one of several outlets who will have various rights to the tape.

After RadarOnline.com broke the story that the jeweler sold the Lindsay video, the jewelry store has now told RadarOnline.com, through a rep, that they did indeed sell the tape. Christopher Spencer, representing the store, told RadarOnline.com that the Lindsay incident caused customers to stay away from the store and cost the store owner an enormous amount of money.


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