VIDEO: Rachel Uchitel On Love Addiction – 'I Knew That I Needed Help'

Rachel Uchitel, in a  rare TV interview with the Today Show on Monday, talked about her addiction to love and how it led her astray – and  into Tiger Woods‘ bed.

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Uchitel, 35, also denied talking about her affair with Woods in a recent Daily Mail article, saying she only discussed her stint on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab with the English paper.

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Uchitel, the Manhattan hostess who was the first mistress reported in the Woods infidelity saga, appeared on the show in a sexy black skirt  and pumped-up lips alongside her Celebrity Rehab mentor, Dr. Drew Pinsky

Uchitel was quoted by the Daily Mail earlier this month saying she’d “never ever imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be caught up in a scandal like this,” as well as admitting she’d “plunged headfirst into relationships which I should never have been in.”

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Not so, Uchitel said Monday.

“Those words never even came out of my mouth,” Uchitel, who received a rumored payout estimated as high as $10 million from the golfer in exchange for her silence, told The Today Show Monday. “The interview was about Celebrity Rehab.

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“I knew that I needed help,” Uchitel, who said she went on the program to deal with a love addiction. “And I wanted to get it from Dr. Drew.”

Uchitel also said she was being treated for addiction to Ambien and other prescribtion medications, which she did not identify.

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Pinsky said that Uchitel’s condition is partly triggered by traumatic events in her past, such as the premature deaths of her father and her one-time fiancée Andy O’Grady, who perished in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

“I’m a completely different person now than I was before I went on the show,” Uchitel said. 

In an earlier exclusive interview with, Uchitel foreshadowed what she would say on Today. “People think it is a moral issue if somebody falls in love, all over the place,” Uchitel told us.

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“It is not, it is a disease and disorder; it is where you feel like you have a hole in your heart and you are waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and save you.

“But it is not an excuse for anyone’s behavior.

“You get stuck in relationships that are not right for you; you basically put a mask over somebody’s head and pretend they’re somebody who they’re not.

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“In the end, you get disappointed when they don’t react the way you want them to.”

The new cycle of Celebrity Rehab — described by Dr. Drew as “the most intense season” yet — premieres on Wednesday at 10/9c on VH1.


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