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Adam Lambert Repeat Offender: Recycles Idol Outfits!

Adam Lambert, a world famous runner-up, turned out for the Young Hollywood Awards Sunday evening. While he didn’t take top prize on Idol, he did nab a … READ MORE

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Adam Lambert’s Partner Has Designs on Changing the World

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert may now be a household name, but his partner Drake LaBry is still a mystery man to fans.

Not any more.

Drake attended LSU … READ MORE

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NEW PHOTO: Idol’s Adam Lambert Steps Out With Rumored Beau Once ...

Come on – is it really necessary for Adam Lambert to come out? The American Idol runner-up was once again snapped around town with his rumored boyfrie… READ MORE

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NEW PHOTO & EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Adam Lambert, Boyfriend Leave WeHo...

American Idol rock star du jour Adam Lambert seemed to be enjoying his newfound fame as he left West Hollywood bar Guys and Dolls Tuesday night  with a man our … READ MORE

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American Idols Adam Lambert, Kris Allen Creep Up iTunes Charts

The winner and runner-up of American Idol competition are already making a dent on the charts.

iTunes top selling singles and albums, released Tuesday, fo… READ MORE

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New Competition for American Idol From Idol Creator Simon Fuller

The creator and executive producer of American Idol, Simon Fuller is always on the hunt for The Next Big Thing.

His company, 19 Entertainment, has just sign… READ MORE

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Adam Lambert Dresses Well to Come Out of the Closet

Just hours before hitting up West Hollywood’s new hotspot Guys & Dolls, Adam Lambert took his partner Drake LaBry to Kitson Men on nearby Robertson Blv… READ MORE

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Kara DioGuardi Outs Adam Lambert On The View

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi said on The View Friday she doesn’t think runner-up Adam Lambert, who has never stated his sexuality publicly, h… READ MORE

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Adam Lambert: “How Do You Say No To Being In Queen?”

He may have been the runner-up in American Idol, but Adam Lambert is sure looking like a winner.

Queen guitarist Brian May has expressed an interest in recru… READ MORE

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Idol’s Adam Lambert On His Sexuality: “Keep Speculating...

Adam Lambert, the breakout American Idol talent whose second-place finish shocked many, has a message for the nosy speculators about what goes on in his be… READ MORE

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Idols Adam Lambert, Kris Allen Light Up The Big Apple

American Idol’s top two contestants Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, appeared before hordes of cheering fans in New York Thursday in a joint appearance … READ MORE

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Queen Wants to Collaborate with Adam Lambert

As if performing on the finale of American Idol wasn’t enough, Adam Lambert had to do so alongside legendary band Queen. Lucky for him, his smash rendition m… READ MORE

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Clay Aiken Apologies to Adam Lambert

As Clay Aiken surely knows, hell hath no fury like American Idol fans scorned.

The crooner and father took to his official site Friday to apologize to curren… READ MORE

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Idol's Kris Allen: They Wanted Me To Keep My Marriage A Secret

American Idol winner Kris Allen told Jay Leno Thursday that both his wife Katy and judge Simon Cowell advised him to keep his marriage a secret in hopes of g… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Adam Lambert's Hair Stylist On Her Client and Hi...

Who is the woman behind Adam Lambert‘s inky-blue, spikey ‘do? sat down with Abreea Saunders at Fusion Hair Salon in Los Ange… READ MORE

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Clay Aiken On Adam Lambert: "Contrived, Awful And Slightly Fright...

Clay Aiken, in a bitter diatribe he quickly removed from his own pay Web site shortly after posting it, said season eight runner-up Adam Lambert was overrat… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Simon Cowell Was Right

Simon says… and Simon nails it.  The Idol judge told exclusively on Tuesday that he thought Kris Allen would beat out Adam Lambert to win AmREAD MORE

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Did Adam Lambert Lose Idol Because He's Perceived As Gay?

It’s the million dollar question. Did Adam Lambert, the odds-on favorite to win American Idol, lose the crown because of the perception that heR… READ MORE

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NEW INTERVIEW: Humble Kris Allen Credits Adam Lambert

Whoever said nice guys finish last hasn’t met Kris Allen.

Even after winning the biggest talent show in the universe, Allen remained the picture of &… READ MORE

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Lost Video of Idol Runner-Up Adam Lambert in "Moses Musical"...

We’ve heard of the musical Joseph — but  Ten Commandments The Musical?

Nope, it’s not a joke.  Ten Commandments The Musical is the name … READ MORE