Ex-Wife Of ‘My Name Is Earl’ Star Jason Lee: 'The Church Of Scientology Harrassed Me' After Our Divorce

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Ex-Wife Of ‘My Name Is Earl’ Star Jason Lee: 'The Church Of Scientology Harrassed Me' After Our Divorce

As the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, continue to fight allegations that they harass former members, yet another ex-Scientologist has come forward to describe the “abuse” she says she suffered after deciding to leave the Church.

Scientologist actor Jason Lee‘s ex-wife, model Carmen Llywelyn, tells Radar exclusively, “The whole Scientology thing has been sort of just this thing that I can’t shake off. It’s really messy.” She even claims, “The Church of Scientology harassed me.”

Llywelyn first became involved in the church when dating Lee in 1994. “I had never heard of it,” she tells Radar. “In fact, I came from a strict Bible belt religious background, that if something was anti-godly, it was very cult.”

Then one day, “Jason and his friend came to pick me up,” she says. “His friend… had on one of those clear bracelets that means something for a very high status place you reach [in Scientology]. It was expensive-looking, and I’m like poor, like ‘Whoah, were did you get that?'”

Not long after, “I got into Scientology,” she admits. “The way it presented it to me was so rational. There was nothing about it that you end up learning later on. That is very compromising.”

Llywelyn has since made it her mission to expose the reality of life in the church on her Twitter page.

“Since I was in the ‘celebrity’ circle of the hierarchy, I can tell you with certainty, the big abuses were hidden from me,” she wrote recently. Indeed, she says she was essentially in a bubble, surrounded by other Scientologists.

“Scientology is an all inclusive religion,” she wrote. “Everyone involved deeply in my life was one. My acting manager, etc. It really after many years created a canyon of separation in our lives. Took many years for me to acclimate when I left …”

Llywelyn did just that when she divorced Lee in 2000, after which she says she was declared a Suppressive Person and began to suffer “abuse from the Church.”

“I’ve been recording my C of $ abuse for years,” she wrote recently, citing as an example that “Last week after I called out #kirstiealley I started getting prank phone calls from phone #111-1111.”

And her ex has become the target of her tweets as well.

“#JasonLee you would never let what’s happened to my family ver happen to yours,” she wrote the My Name Is Earl star. “I don’t hate you #JasonLee. Truth be known, I actually wish we could be friends. But this abuse isn’t comedy. Not art. And I know you know… Jason Lee I’ll never mention your name again if you acknowledge the [Scientology Office of Special Affairs and the #scientology handlers use my PC folder to harass me.”

But her open letter to her ex, posted on Instagram, is by far the most vitriolic:

“Jason, What a little baby b*tch you are,” she writes. “If people only knew whats gone down in the last 11 years, they’d never believe me. If u were really a tuff f*ck you’d be freaked out that you are a part of such bullsh*t.”

Llywelyn does admit, however, that her time in the church was not all bad. “At the time, I was young, and [L. Ron Hubbard] did teach us metaphysical knowledge,” she wrote recently. “But I’ve learned where he got his information from, and you can still get the knowledge without your entire life getting written into a folder. ”

“Because I did grow with the teachings,” she admitted. “It would be a lie if I said I didn’t. And that’s what I loved about it. But Scientology is an extreme lifestyle. And no one should have to exchange every corner of their mind written down.”

“If anyone is considering joining the Church of Scientology, know this 1st,” she wrote in another tweet. “Your first confessions in session will be used against you if you leave.”

So why do people join to begin with? She recently wrote, “Honestly I think some people want to succeed at any cost. And they tell you if you become a Scientologist you will.”

A Church spokesperson told Radar that Carmen was a “pathetic and disturbed person.”

“It goes without saying that, based on her own comments, this source is unreliable, highly biased and appears to be a bit “off,” the rep said.

“Ms. Llywelyn’s perceptions that she was part of some fictitious, walled-off “celebrity circle of the hierarchy” and her bizarre conspiracy theory that her “calling out” a celebrity led to prank phone calls exist only in her own mind.”