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‘Too Beautiful’ Samantha Brick Was Bullied At School: ‘Women Ganged Up On Me,’ She Reveals

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Apr. 18 2012, Published 3:00 p.m. ET

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By Debbie Emery - Reporter

After her article about how she is hated by women because she is “too beautiful” became an Internet sensation, columnist Samantha Brick was bombarded by critics who accused her of being everything from vain and narcissistic, to downright disillusioned.

Now the British writer has revealed in an exclusive interview with that the source of her seemingly arrogant attitude as an adult comes from cruel school bullies who tormented her as a child.

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“I was bullied at school, an experience like that never leaves you. I had to change schools in the end it was that unpleasant and scary,” Brick told

“When women gang up on you and target their insecurities and the bullying and the taunts commence, it’s incredibly unsettling, upsetting and very scary.

“As a result the feeling of being an outsider stays with you into your adult life,” she revealed. “The valuable lesson I learnt from being bullied is that you can't please all of the people all of the time. A mantra I definitely put into practice when the furor broke two weeks ago.”

As previously reported, Brick became a household name around the world earlier this month when she wrote an article for the MailOnline website describing her life as a series of incidents where she’s showered with champagne and cocktails in bars, bunches of flowers from men in the street, cab fares paid and free train tickets, all because of her self-described good looks.

“I’m not smug and I’m no flirt, yet over the years I’ve been dropped by countless friends who felt threatened if I was merely in the presence of their other halves. If their partners dared to actually talk to me, a sudden chill would descend on the room,” she claimed in the piece.

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What came next was a slew of e-mails, calls, online comments and tweets from people telling the 41-year-old blonde that “she’s not all that,” sometimes in far less polite language.

A series of TV appearances both in the UK and the US didn’t increase Samantha’s likeability, with even TODAY show host Ann Curry marveling at her arrogance: “I counted; you used the word I at least 60 times, are you aware of how narcissistic your piece sounded?” she said, when Brick tried to defend herself during an interview on April 6. 

Along with Curry, Brick was blasted by Barbara Walters on The View, which shocked her as the verbal attack came from a woman she had always looked up to.

“Her comments were crass and she clearly hadn’t read the piece. Surely on a show such as The View – with a predominantly female audience – the air time would have been better spent debating whether I had a point and whether women are treated negatively in the work place and by their friends in social situations?” Sam said. “Ms. Walters using my piece for a cheap shot is surprising - shame on her. She missed a trick there.

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“It’s definitely lowered my opinion of Ms. Walters, to come out with the line that she did – it’s on an intellectual level of someone like Snooki from the Jersey Shore.”

Sam said she is used to being attacked by women, but was shocked by the nasty comments she got from men who viciously – or humorously – lambasted her.

“Who are these men who would track down my email address to send me pages of deeply offensive insults? As for male journalists who have written parodies about me, well good for them that they’ve financially benefited off the back of my piece,” she told

The View

“I hope they treat their wives with their pay check as a result of the money they’ve made out of trashing a female writer!”

As for those who say she is not really as good looking as she thinks she is, Sam replied: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty isn’t just external either.

“I’m really happy with who I am and where I am in my life – and that kind of contentment is evident in how I look, how I hold myself, how I approach life and how I relate to people everyday,” said Brick, who was born in Birmingham, England and now lives in the south of France with her husband, Pascal Brick, and her step son. 

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“That’s attractive – and I see it often in women one wouldn’t necessarily say is supermodel beautiful.”

Despite the personal and professional slamming on the front pages of newspapers and on primetime TV, Brick said she doesn’t regret writing the article. “It’s interesting that so many ordinary individuals have got in touch with me to tell me in no uncertain terms I should fix my snaggle teeth, get a boob job, sort out my hair,” she revealed. 

“And in the same breath the public criticize the media for objectifying women and encouraging them to chase an illusion of perfection... to have hair extensions, plastic surgery and all manner of other artificial things done to ourselves.

“Society is insane right now when it comes to beauty, it’s such a loaded arena – and it’s got to change.”

While she may think twice before writing a first person diatribe in the future, Samantha said the article may have opened some exciting new doors for her.

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“I’m now being approached by broadcasters to explore this further in a film or documentary. Why is it that the sisterhood dislikes attractive women? What can we do to change this? Society does not tolerate racism or sexism, yet why are attractive women still the target of so much venom from their fellow sex?”

Ultimately, she hopes some good will come out of all the drama. “I hope women will take a pause when they’re in the office or in a bar before they launch into an offensive character assassination of another woman purely on the basis of how she looks. We’re better than this!” she told


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