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​‘This Is Just A Sick Joke!’ Kim Kardashian Revolted At Blackface Prank WATCH The Disturbing Footage

Kim Kardashian shows her repulsion at an uncomfortable dose of minstrel humor in a preview of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as the socialite’s trip to Austria’s
Vienna Opera Ball was marred by a misguided news reporter whose idea of funny was a highly-racist blackface bit.

In the preview, the wife of one Kanye West is soaking in the pageantry of the event, prior to the offensive run-in with the reporter, who was later identified as Puls4’s Chris Stephan.

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“There are about 5000 people here, there is a beautiful ballet going on — opera singers, dancers — but it is super glamorous and super claustrophobic,” Kim said, before Stephan emerged in the distasteful disguise, exacerbating the bad blood by declaring, “It’s me, Kanye!”

In an off-camera interview, Kim, who has a biracial child with her hip-hop hubby, made clear her disgust for Stephan’s schtick.

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“I can’t believe there’s this guy is in blackface — I am just so confused I don’t get why him or anyone else would find this funny,” she commented. “That’s like, not cool. This is supposed to be some really nice, upscale event, how did this guy get in? This is just a sick joke!

“I just am so confused, I don’t get him or anyone else would find this funny.”

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As we previously reported, Kim left the event after the encounter; Stephens later said sorry for the egregiously offensive costume.

“I’m really sorry that the story has gotten so messed up and misunderstood,” he said in February. “I myself am Arab, born in Austria! I didn’t want this act to be in any way racist, and I’m sorry again for anyone who felt attacked!”

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