Next Stop, The Altar! Charlie Sheen & Brett Rossi Free To Wed As Her Divorce Is Finalized

Brett Rossi’s dreams of being Mrs. Charlie Sheen just got one step closer to coming true: has exclusively learned that her divorce form her first husband, John Ross, was finalized on April 18.

As Radar has reported, Rossi had been in the midst of divorce proceedings from Ross since he filed for divorce from her on July 18, 2013. Rossi didn’t file a response to the divorce documents until January 30, 2014 – after meeting Sheen – and was represented by Sheen’s family law attorney, Mark Gross. The couple had been married for about a year and do not have any children together.

According to court records reviewed by, on April 23, an entry of judgment was entered, with the termination of the marriage stated as April 18.

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But that doesn’t mean Sheen and Rossi will be rushing off to Vegas. (Then again, stranger things have happened!)

Sources tell Radar that Sheen is currently planning to take his fourth trip down the aisle on November 22, a long seven months away.

“The wedding date has been set for November 22, 2014,” an insider previously revealed. “It’s going to be extremely elaborate, and Charlie has told Brett to plan the wedding of her dreams, with no cap on the budget.”

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Expect Rossi “to wear a custom couture wedding gown, nothing off the rack for her!” the source said. “This will be very different from Brett’s first wedding.” Indeed, the porn star has been married before, and that relationship is putting a damper on plans to start a new life with Sheen.

The couple will be getting a pre-nup before the wedding takes place, since Sheen’s fortune is estimated to be around $125 million, largely because of royalties he receives from Two and a Half Men.

Sources told Radar, “Charlie will be a little more generous with Brett in regards to the pre-nup, than he was with [his ex-wife] Brooke [Mueller].”

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Mueller was given a $500,000 marriage signing bonus, $300,000 for each year they were married, a one-time cash payout of $2.35 million for her share in Sheen’s Beverly Hills mansion, and $100,000 in relocation fees, as Radar reported. She waived her right to spousal support, but had been receiving $55,000 in child support until Brooke lost custody of the twins last year.

In total, the former reality starlet walked away from her marriage to Charlie, after less than three years, with $3.5 million.

With a wedding on the horizon, who should expect an invite? Shockingly, Mueller is tops on the guest list! Mueller will be attending the wedding with their twin sons, Bob and Max.

Sheen and Rossi “both had the idea to invite Brooke to their wedding,” an insider revealed. “They all get along and are one big happy family. It might be unconventional for most people, but not for Charlie’s wacky world!”

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