Betrayed! Amanda Knox Ex-Love Turns On Her, Says Her Decision To Not Appear In Courtroom Negatively Influenced Jury

Amanda Knox was not in the Italian courtroom when a jury found her guilty for a second time of the murder of Meredith Kercher and her ex-lover says that may have played a part in their shocking conviction.

Raffaele Sollecito, who was caught by police at the country’s border just hours after the guilty verdict, spoke out and slammed Knox, saying that not only is he not speaking to her, but that her absence may have negatively influenced the jury’s decision.

“Basically I didn’t expect it,” Sollicito told NBC News. “To me, all of this makes no sense. We proved and we showed in many ways I have nothing to do with this murder.”

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While he was in the courtroom for some of the proceedings, Sollecito turned on his former lover, saying Knox’s decision to remain in the United States may have influenced the verdict.

“I don’t know. It’s — it can be possible, actually it can be. But it was her decision, and actually another person, so I made my decision by myself. I mean, I decided it completely by myself, as she did, she did the same.”

At one time very close, Sollicito said that he hasn’t spoken to Knox since the guilty verdict was handed down.

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“Psychologically it’s not my priority. You can understand that this is something that’s about me now, more than, and about my family, my people who support me.  So any kind of support between me and her in this moment there’s no, lift up.”

He also said his relationship with Knox has deteriorated over the years.

“Yeah, it was more supportive. I felt that I could have a shoulder on the other side. But now the situation, even if we are in the same kind of trial, my life and her life is very different, and things developed in a very different way.

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Knox fought back tears when she told Good Morning America that she was stunned by the verdict and is vowing to fight the 28 year sentence that has been imposed.

Both Knox and Sollicito can appeal the verdict to the Italian Supreme Court.

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