Zac Efron Brings Luck To Victorious Colts, Poses With Celeb-Loving Owner

Zac Efron took a weekend away from Hollywood for an NFL game Sunday, watching the Indianapolis Colts triumph over the Houston Texans alongside someone who might be able to relate to his recent issues, Colts owner Jim Irsay.

The Hollywood hunk, who shattered his jaw the Nov. 10 under questionable circumstances, looked healed as she took shots in the heartland of America with Irsay, who’s been public about his battle with pain pill addiction and the rehab he underwent to combat his issues. (Zac, in recent months, has been linked to two rehab stints for drugs including prescription pain killers.)

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“Thank you Jim for a truly memorable trip to Indie – congrats on the win, @Colts! – Z (sic),” the High School Musical hunk wrote on his account in a pic with the head of the horseshoe.

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Irsay remains one of the more controversial owners in sports, as he raised eyebrows as of late for his public knocks on former Colts franchise player, Peyton Manning; and might have planted a bizarre seed years back in which his pal Rob Lowe publicly predicted Manning was retiring following his stint with the Colts. Two MVP-caliber seasons later with the Denver Broncos, it’s suffice to say such rumors were dumbfounded.

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