Music Producer Hires Attorney For Amanda Bynes: ‘She Needs Outpatient Treatment, Not To Be Locked Away!’

The man behind the music label trying to sign Amanda Bynes to a record deal has hired a private attorney for the troubled actress because he thinks having public defender is “a complete miscarriage of justice,” has exclusively learned.

Daniel Herman, of Chinga Chang Records, has hired California-based lawyer John Roberts for Amanda.

“I think it is a complete miscarriage of justice that Amanda does not have a private lawyer,” Daniel told Radar.

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“She is fighting for her civil rights and most importantly her freedom as a American! Not to mention control of every penny SHE has earned!”

As Radar previously reported, Amanda is currently being held on an extended involuntary psychiatric hold and being treated for what doctors have diagnosed as schizophrenia.

“Amanda’s doctors and a social worker told the judge that Amanda is being treated for schizophrenia,” a source revealed.

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“Although a formal diagnosis will be finalized in the next several days, it’s almost certainly schizophrenia. Reports that said she was responding well to the psychiatric drugs that were being given to her are wrong. It can take months, or even years to get someone like Amanda to find the right drug combination and then get her therapeutic.”

Amanda’s mother initially petitioned conservatorship over her daughter, but it was denied until the Easy A star’s psych hold is over.

“It’s an erroneous argument to put her in a conservatorship,” Daniel said.

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“There are no charges related to the fire. Restitution has been paid..she just needs outpatient treatment, not to be locked away.”

Daniel argues that Amanda, 27, has no chance for fair treatment without his help.

“She has no chance of getting free with a public defender. I know she needs treatment, but not residential lockdown,” Daniel told Radar.

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“They will bleed her money and control her. It’s just not American to me. It’s her money she can spend it any way she wants!”

Side note, Daniel is the same guy who paid to have the driveway re-paved for the family in Thousand Oaks, Calif. who was left with a giant burn mark after Amanda’s bizarre bonfire before she was taken in on a 5150.

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