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You've Got To Hand It To Weiner! Sexting Partner Says They Had Phone Sex Seven Times A Day

Getty Images/MySpace

Anthony Weiner was so oversexed, he had phone sex as many as seven times in a single day, according to the woman at the center of the mayoral candidate’s second sexting scandal in the past two years.

Sydney Leathers, Weiner’s web mistress who brought his “Carlos Danger” alter ego — as well as images of the politician’s private parts — to light, sat down with Howard Stern Tuesday, where she dished dirty, dirty details on the horny politician’s kinky predilections, including a fetish for feet and heels.

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And while much of what she said is too raunchy to repeat here, the details will leave you wondering how Weiner would find time to keep his pants on long enough to be mayor of New York!

Leathers, a self-described “political junkie,” told the King of All Media that she initially reached out to Weiner on Facebook to express her disappointment in his actions in the wake of the 2011 sex scandal that saw him resign from Congress. Leathers said he poked her back on the social media site a full year later, and after trading a few innocuous messages, the two were engaging in hot-and-heavy banter and photo exchanges.

“It didn’t take long — he didn’t have a good segue, he just went right into it,” she said, admitting she was infatuated with him at the time.

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“It’s amazing to me because he got in so much trouble the first time around,” Stern observed.

Leathers said they would both pleasure themselves when talking to each other, saying that while she found the Democrat to be “well endowed,” he wasn’t much in the stamina department.

“He was like, ‘Oh yeah, thank you baby’ … it was just like, ‘Conversation over'” after Weiner was finished. But, Leathers added, she’d “hear from him very quickly after” for another steamy exchange.

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And while she did not use the term Minute Man, she made it clear that no time was lost in getting to the end as many as seven times a day.

“You would think his (bleep) would hurt by the end of it,” she joked. “How can you be mayor of New York City when you’re (bleeping) like five times a day?”

“Well Clinton was president,” Stern sidekick Robin Quivers chimed in.

Leathers revealed some of Weiner’s sexual talk and more. She’s admitted to a promiscuous past and a profitable presence on Sugar Daddy-soliciting websites over the years and now says she’s looking to parlay her newfound notoriety into a lucrative sex tape deal.

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She and her agent, former porn star Gina Rodriguez, said their next stop Tuesday was to Weiner’s house, where they would do a photoshoot.

Asked by Stern if she’d be getting naughty with any other prominent politicians, Leathers said, “Chris Christie‘s above my weight limit.”

Leathers said she came forward because she resented Weiner’s duplicity in his latest mayoral campaign.

“He lured me into this situation and he didn’t want to own up to it,” she said, while Rodriguez chimed in, “I think people should be applauding her really, that she did this.”

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