Kim's A Fashion Snobbery Victim! Stylist Claims ‘People Wouldn’t Lend Me The Clothes’ For Kardashian Shoot

Elle Magazine/Miguel Reveriego

It’s not easy finding designer clothes for Kim Kardashian – even when you are a top stylist working with a major fashion magazine!

Nicola Formichetti, who is famous for his work with Lady Gaga, admits that it wasn’t easy attempting to create looks for the reality star for the March 2013 issue of Elle, namely because designers refused to lend him clothes for her to wear, which he attributes to “fashion snobbery” – and has the details.

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Admitting that it posed “a challenge” for him, the famed stylist claims he approached several designers who declined having their clothes worn by the star.

“People wouldn’t lend me the clothes,” he explains. “But that’s fashion snobbery.”

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However, Nicola says the duo worked with what they were given, and managed to put together several looks.

“I love being transformed and I love, like your, vision of who you think I am,” Kim gushes to Formichetti in a behind-the-scenes video. “That’s always so inspiring to me and so interesting to see someone else’s take on me.”

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And Kim, who was super excited to work with the celebrity stylist, even arrived to the shoot without an entourage in tow!

“I travel alone, I show up for shoots alone,” she tells Formichetti. “I don’t have an entourage. And I’m sick of my family right now and they are my [usual entourage].

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What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s Elle photo shoot and the claim she’s a victim of “fashion snobbery?” Sound off below!

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