Great-Grandson Of Scientology Creator L. Ron Hubbard Slams Church In One-Man Show

The great-grandson of Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard is currently doing a one-man show called “The God and The Man,” in which he opens up about his family’s struggles with the church after his grandfather L. Ron Hubbard Jr. left the institution.

“My grandfather was pretty much hunted until his last days,” DeWolf told KABC-TV in Los Angeles. “He was harassed, he was sued, and he was threatened. He was constantly followed.”

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Jamie DeWolf said he culled the information for his show from years and years of prodding family members for information.

He calls the Scientology creator, whom he never met, “a hustler” who settled in Los Angeles with a brand of science fiction flimflam to sell.

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“He was not a messianic god who grew up as a blood brother of Indians, and then went to the Far East, and studied with wise men, and then was a fighter pilot and a submarine commander and a nuclear physicist,” DeWolf said. “Did he do reprehensible things? Sure.

“I’d love to hear his tall tales, but I’d sure never pay him $100,000 to tell me how aliens possessed my body.”

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DeWolf claims his act is not an attack on Scientology, which counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its followers, but rather his “testament” to family history, self-identity and genealogy.

For more on DeWolf, check out his website.


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