Broke Lindsay Lohan Turns Down $130K Endorsement Deals! Michael Lohan Blames Her Team

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Lindsay Lohan is swimming with debt so monstrous that even the IRS is after her, but according to her father, her management team has turned down more than $100,000 in job offers lately, has exclusively learned!

Michael Lohan says that he is furious with Lindsay’s new reps at ICM because he has learned that they have dismissed endorsement proposals that could have netted the almost-broke star a nice chunk of change before the holidays.

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“One deal is for $100,000 for a phone application which blocks unwanted calls,” Michael explained about the lucrative offers. “The other is for $30,000 for a ‘Don’t Drink and Drive message!’”

Michael noted that Lindsay‘s agent nixed the Don’t Drink and Drive message “because she said it might cause further embarrassment!” for the twice-arrested-for-DUI Lindsay.

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He said that money should be her only priority right now.

“At a time like this with Lindsay’s IRS woes and $16,000 in unpaid storage, (valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars) running the risk of it all being auctioned off, it’s absolutely crazy that her team would disregard these deals!! If Lindsay’s things in storage were to get auctioned, wouldn’t that be even more embarrassing?! Have the things said lately been embarrassing themselves?”

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Michael slammed Lindsay’s new management team, saying: “Are they going to pay her bills? Seems like someone wants Lindsay to fall hard, which will only further cause stress, which she doesn’t need! I am sick of these inept people!”



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