Golden Eagle Snatches Child In Shocking New Viral Video

By Radar Staff

It’s the newest viral video burning up the Internet, with nearly half a million views in less than a day.

Taken in a Montreal park from a distance, the clip shows a Golden Eagle picking up, and flying off, with a toddler for a few tense moments, before releasing the teary and terrified tot.

PHOTOS: Eagle Snatches Kid In Viral Video

In the clip, you can hear onlookers in the park reacting to the scary scenario.

Watch the video on (WARNING: Contains Profanity)

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Some Youtube viewers questioned the authenticity of the clip — in this day and age where viral videos on monetized accounts can mean instant fame and big bucks — claiming it’s the result of Computer-generated imagery (CGI). Others said features in the clip prove its’ authenticity.

Fun fact: A Golden Eagle can lift more than its’ own bodyweight (9 to 15 pounds).



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