Katie Holmes Forced To Evacuate Home With Suri, Because Of Hurricane Sandy

By Radar Staff

Katie Holmes was one of the many New Yorkers displaced by the devastated wreaked by Hurricane Sandy, as RadarOnline.com has learned the actress and her daughter Suri left the Chelsea luxury building they live in, The Mercantile, when the effects of the superstorm became too much to handle.

The actress and her daughter “stood it out as long as they could,” a Chelsea neighbor tells The Huffington Post.

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“The power abruptly went out around 8:30 p.m. PT Monday, leaving everyone sitting around torchlight or candle light. Most folks stayed in the building over night and most of the next day until the water went out, making it impossible to even flush the toilet.

“At that point everyone, including Katie and Suri, left.”

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Another person linked to the building says that while “Suri might be used to helicopters and chauffeured cars … once the storm, hit we were all the same … [Katie and Suri] had to walk from the 12th floor, with no lights, like everyone else.”

The two have since found shelter at the Upper East Side’s swanky Mark Hotel.

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The 33-year-old was slated to star in the Broadway production Dead Accounts beginning Monday.



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