Jenny McCarthy On Gaining Over 80 Pregnancy Pounds & Topping Scales At 211, ‘All I Did Was Eat’

By Radar Staff

The world was shocked when Jenny McCarthy shared a photo in 2011 of her 80-pound pregnancy gain, and now she is ready to reveal why she packed on so much weight!

The star, who turned 40 a few weeks ago, talks about her eating habits during her 2002 pregnancy with son Evan on her blog for The Chicago Sun-Times, and has the details.

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Immediately after the actress found out she had a bun in the oven, she says she changed her eating habits.

“I was elated my eggs were not fried,” she says about learning of the pregnancy. “I made a baby and I wanted to make sure I was the best nest I could be.”

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After calling her husband and her mother, she ordered a BBQ pulled pork sandwich from room service promptly.

“I thought it was a good idea that eating for two should start immediately.”

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After eating her way through her first trimester, she gained 20 pounds, and despite the average woman gaining a total of 30 pounds during the entire pregnancy her doctor wasn’t worried.

“Because you were underweight for your age group, I’m not that worried about it,” her doctor told her. “Plus, you’re in show business and you will be forced to lose the weight out of vanity.”

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“The bastard was right,” she blogs. “In show business we’re all vain, so I figured why not eat? I would be forced to lose the weight anyway due to the media’s bullying. So all I did for the next two trimesters was eat.”

When McCarthy was finally ready to deliver, she weighed a whopping 211 pounds.

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“If pregnancy lasted 12 months, I have no doubt I would have exploded,” she admits.

“You are either a 30 pound gainer or an 80 pound gainer. Judging from my pic, I’m sure you can tell I was in the over 80 club.”


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