Woman Weighs 308 Pounds And Becomes Beauty Queen

By Radar Staff

A 23-year-old woman tipping the scales at 308 pounds has won the plus-size beauty pageant Mrs. Utah Plus America 2012, RadarOnline.com has learned.

“I used to watch the Miss America pageant as a child and wished I could be one of those girls,” said the beauty queen, Victoria Christensen. “I had decided that I was never going to be skinny enough or pretty enough to do that, so year after year, I would watch them and continue to wish.”

Victoria said she long suffered taunts from classmates calling her horrible names about her weight.

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“At school, people commonly called me fat and “Fatty” — the worst was “Garbage Disposal” because people thought I ate too much,” she recalled. “But I don’t remember anything more than that because I’ve tried to let them go and remove any negative forces in my life.”

Victoria said she first became aware of the plus-size beauty competition while watching an interview on Facebook with last year’s winner, giving her the idea to enter this year’s contest.

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She recalled, “My first thought was ‘Wait a minute: Plus?!?’ I realized I had a chance to be one of the girls I thought I would never be skinny enough or pretty enough to be.”

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Victoria said entering the pageant has buoyed her with confidence, moving forward. She said the competition changed her life and helped her see “what a woman should be.

“It has turned me from a girl into a woman and given me the strength to accept myself and shine,” Victoria said, adding she plans to enter more pageants in the future.



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