Robbie To The Rescue! Lab Saves Two Dogs Stranded On Runaway Canoe

By Radar Staff

Move over Lassie — there’s a new courageous canine in town!

Meet Robbie the Labrador who, without a moment’s thought for his own fur, leapt into a river to rescue two stranded dogs on a runaway canoe, and has video of the hero hound in action.

PHOTOS: Robbie The Labrador Rescues Stranded Pups

The amazing footage starts with the two terrified dogs whining and barking from the canoe as it speeds down the fast flowing river.

Responding to his fellow canines calls for help, Robbie bounds in to the river and frantically paddles to the rescue, locating the canoe’s attached rope and then amazingly drags it back to shore by his teeth!

PHOTOS: Pups Show Their Surfing Stuff During Casting Call

Once in shallow water the once stranded dogs jump to safety without even a bark of thanks for the heroic deed, but thankfully Robbie’s proud owner is on hand to heap lavish praise on the pup.


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