Imagine The Humiliation! 12 More Really Embarrassing Celebrity Photos

By Radar Staff

Embarrassing moments are made worse when they are captured on camera!

From wardrobe malfunctions and indecent exposure acts to funny faces and getting caught without any makeup on, Hollywood’s hottest stars have been snapped in the midst of mortifying moments. After bringing you 18 Really Embarrassing Celebrity Photos, has 12 More Really Embarrassing Celebrity Photos.

PHOTOS: 12 More Really Embarrassing Celebrity Photos

Paris Hilton has flashed her panties multiple times over the years, but who would have thought that Hollywood super mom Jennifer Garner would expose a neon thong?

Coco isn’t shy about her artificial assets, but still looked pretty embarrassed when she completely exposed her boob in a London nightclub.

Britney Spears, Katie Couric and Scarlett Johansson have all been snapped looking less than sexy, while pop star Ke$ha was immortalized taking a major spill outside of a nightclub.

Which other stars have experienced embarrassment on camera? Find out by clicking here.

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