Monica Lewinsky Needs The Money! Real Reason Behind Tell All Bill Clinton Book

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Monica Lewinsky has one big reason to write her shocking tell-all – she needs the money!

The 39-year-old former White House intern is set to reveal new secrets about her affair with ex-President Bill Clinton and is going to pull in a reported $12 million for the book, which will be a windfall for the financially strapped Monica.

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“She may very well need the money,” a friend told MailOnline about Monica’s reasoning behind penning the shocking book.

“That’s why she did the Andrew Morton [biography in 1998]. She had massive legal debts. It was a misconception that she came from a wealthy family. She’s had trouble finding work,” the source says.

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She desperately wants revenge on the powerful politician who sullied her name, especially since all of her business endeavors have failed since her affair.

“She went to the London School of Economics where it was easier for her to blend in, because, in Europe, what Prime Minister hasn’t had an affair? But when she came back to the States, she couldn’t escape her past,” the source claims.

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“Who is going to hire her and have her name come across in an email? It’s unfair. She’s a smart, capable, personable woman. How many 22-year-olds have made bad judgments?”

While Clinton has soared in popularity since the Lewinsky scandal and raked in millions after leaving the White House, she has not fared as well, without any career prospects or romantic relationships and this is not the way she imagined her life would turn out.

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“I think, if she had her dream, she would have lost 30 pounds, found a boy, moved to Westchester County and had a family,” the source says.


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