Braless Miley Cyrus Sexes It Up In A Backless T Shirt

By Radar Staff

Miley Cyrus continued to sex up her image, stepping out sans bra in a gray backless T shirt Saturday, and has the photos.

The 19-year-old rocked her sexy T along with some tight jeans and black Doc Martin boots during a shopping trip in Philadelphia where she is currently staying while her fiance, Liam Hemsworth, works on his new movie, Paranoia.

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Miley has been garnering plenty of press recently for her appearance, after wearing a variety of sexy outfits and chopping off her long blonde locks into a peroxide pixie cut.

“Miley Cyrus seems stuck in a set of compulsive behaviors that cry out for attention,” Los Angeles-based psychologist Dr. Seth Meyers, who has not treated the Hannah Montana star, told in an exclusive interview.

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“[Miley’s] parade of unusual and provocative behavior recently reminds me of Britney Spears‘ downward spiral in the past,” explained Meyers, referring to The X Factor judge’s meltdown in 2007 when she suddenly shaved all her hair off.

“The apparent recent marks on her wrist, the drastic haircut, and an undeniably fledgling career suggest to me that Miley is overwhelmed with anxiety, feeling lost and uncertain about her future. Her loved ones should keep a close eye on her in case her impulsive behavior continues and gets worse, potentially putting her at risk of self-harm,” he warned.

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However, Miley has been taking any criticism in her stride, tweeting: ‘My dad Billy Ray Cyrus used to tell me, ‘Opinions are like a**holes – everybody has one.'”

Then, Saturday she tweeted: “Ignorance isn’t bliss. it’s IGNORANT.”


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