‘Cyanide’ Canister Found In Car Of Arsonist Trader Who Popped Pill And Died In Court

By Radar Staff

New details are emerging that appear to back up the theory that a former wall street trader committed suicide by taking a cyanide pill in court on June 28, shortly after being convicted of arson.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Michael Marin was caught on video popping a mystery pill into his mouth seconds after the verdict was read, which caused his body to be wracked with fatal convulsions. By the time he was wheeled out on a stretcher by the Phoenix Fire Department, he had already lost consciousness and turned grey.

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Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced Tuesday that investigators found a can labeled ‘cyanide’ in Marin’s vehicle following his death. Toxicology results from the canister are still pending.

Arpaio also revealed that Marin’s family received a delayed email from the disgraced financier on the night of his death, which included details of his will.

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Marin’s unexpected death was a shocking conclusion to a bizarre case that had played out like an Alfred Hitchcock script since 2009, when he allegedly burned down his massive mansion to escape crippling mortgage payments.

The 53-year-old former high roller apparently couldn’t face the prospect of 16 years in prison and instead chose to take his own life in a premeditated move.

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Marin’s high profile demise mirrored his extravagant life, which included graduating from Yale University, scaling Mount Everest, flying small planes and even penning books. After amassing a huge personal fortune, business problems led him to lose it all, and in the year before the fire his bank account shrank from $900,000 to just $50, which in no way could cover the $17,250 monthly mortgage bills or the balloon payment of $2.3 million.

According to Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Chris Rapp, he also paid $2,500 per month for the mortgage on a second home in nearby Gilbert, where he actually lived, and had an overdue tax bill of $34,000.

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Marin had tried to set up a raffle to pay off the sky-high debt, and when that was deemed illegal the mansion suddenly and suspiciously burned to the ground.


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