Former Scientology Spy Claims: ‘It’s An Evil Organization’

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

As Katie Holmes cements her escape from both Tom Cruise and Scientology by starting a new life in New York and registering with a local Catholic Church, a former high level member of the controversial religion has exclusively told how others aren’t so lucky.

“They interrogated me to the point of a mental and emotional breakdown, as I recovered I began to start contacting and helping others. I had no idea how many others there were, and believe me – there are thousands,” Nancy Many, who was an executive at Scientology’s secret Sea Organization, alleged to in an exclusive interview.

“Some have been sexually abused, driven to suicide, several have committed murder,” she claimed.

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“It’s an evil organization. They do things purposefully to harm others and feel they are above the law and above the moral codes of normal civilization.”

Having worked as a “spy” for the high profile group, Many claims she was ordered to keep close watch on people who were thinking of leaving and was intensely interrogated herself when it was discovered that she had changed sides.

“I’ve been followed, my phones have been tapped, especially when I was in contact with a very high level target of theirs,” she claimed to Radar, explaining that she had been blessed in comparison to others.

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“People disconnect from you and won’t talk to you anymore, the main thing for me for the past 14 to 16 years has been assisting people who are crawling their way out of that group. They are literally a mess, they’re in pieces.”

Nancy went on to tell the tale of one woman who joined when she was 14 years old after her mother signed the papers when she was drunk. “She was promised her high school education and she never got it. She eventually had a nervous breakdown and they kept her locked up in a cabin on the Gold Base in California where the hole is, under guard all the time,” alleges Many, who with the help of others eventually got the girl away from her captors and into a home.

The expert went on to give startling details about “the hole” where potential escapees are often sent to be reeducated while, she claims, they are being held captive against their will. “That is the rehabilitation project force, it is for thought reform. You’re sent there because you are not thinking with the group and you’re only let out when you are thinking with them again. People used to be sent there for months – now it is years, literally years,” she alleged.

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“The conditions are horrific,” claimed Nancy, revealing that she was kept in a garage when she was there.

Nancy said that when she finally decided to finally leave the Church of Scientology, she was “scared for varying degrees of safety,” but had realized that she had been on a “slow road out” for a long time before.

“I was whittling down my Scientology contacts in my address book and filling up my other pages, because that’s what happens – they suck you in so completely that you have no safe place to go,” she alleged.

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Fortunately though for Katie Holmes, the intense media attention on her divorce means that “they would be very stupid to treat her just like any other wife trying to leave with her child.

“She’s sitting in the power position because anything they do is going to be public,” Many told Radar.



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