Katie, Nicole & Mimi: All Were 33 When Their Marriages To Tom Cruise Ended

By Radar Staff

Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers were all 33 years-old when their marriages to Tom Cruise fell apart.

The bizarre factoid has been noticed by everyone from conspiracy theorists to fans to numerology to critics of Scientology.

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But whether it is by coincidence or design, here are the three Mrs. Tom Cruises, by the numbers.

Wife # 1 Mimi Cruise was 31 when she wed Cruise, who was six years her junior, and 33 when they split in 1990.

Wife # 2 Nicole Kidman whose marriage to Tom lasted the longest, was 23 when they said “I do” and 33 when they separated in 2001.

Wife # 3 Katie Holmes was 28 when she and Tom had their lavish wedding ceremony in Italy.  When she filed for divorce on Thursday, she was 33.


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