Michael Lohan Slams Dina ‘She Destroyed Our Kids!’

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Entertainment Editor

Lindsay Lohan is once again caught in a battle between her parents, and this time her father Michael Lohan is steaming mad at her mother Dina.

The patriarch of the Lohan clan exclusively told RadarOnline.com that there is trouble brewing between the parents of the former Disney star and her siblings.

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Hot off the heels of the news that Dina is starring in a reality show, Michael ranted about her participation.

“Are you kidding me? She’s out of her mind,” Michael asked.

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“What is she trying to do the same to someone else? Her reality career is in full drive? Please? She just lied about that too! First, producing a movie starring my son Michael, then a cameo on a show, then her own show!”

Michael said that Dina shouldn’t take credit for their children’s skyrocketing careers.

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“She brought OUR kids to many levels of success? Please, Lindsay is the talented one; she did it on her own. And as for Ali, her beauty got her in the door! Dina never made it in the modeling or entertainment business!

“If she accomplished anything, Dina destroyed the kids by lying to them and alienating them from me after the divorce!”

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Michael said it is his ex-wife who is treating their daughter poorly, and had harsh words for her.

“You have no idea what she has done TO Lindsay. And if she doesn’t keep from pulling her crap and using Lindsay, the TRUTH will be proven and come out!” He charged.

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“All she can do is lie and get people to spread rumors and lies on twitter and the web. But hey, it all came back to her and will continue to. I feel bad for her next victim!”


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