Big Rich Texas Fight! Star Leslie Birlkland Says Pamela Martin Duarte A ‘Wretched Woman!’

By Alexis Tereszcuk
Radar Entertainment Editor

Everything is bigger in Texas — especially the fights!

The ladies of the hit reality show Big Rich Texas are notorious for their on screen and off screen battles, and Leslie Birkland exclusively told that she thinks her mean girl co-star Pamela Martin Duarte is a “wretched woman.”

“Because Pam’s not very nice and she really doesn’t like anybody!” is the reason Leslie told’s special correspondent, Playboy Playmate Deanna Brooks, on the red carpet at The Roxbury in Los Angeles Thursday night at OK! magazine’s Single & Sexy Party why there are so many fights between the two women.

“She has a grandiose ego, and if people don’t meet up to what she considers her standards she doesn’t like them,” Leslie explained about her reality show nemesis Pam.

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As previously reported, the brassy blonde Pam is also battling with her fellow BRT star Bonnie Blossman Myer and she filed a lawsuit in Dallas County Court against her for “a cyber-bullying campaign to defame.”

Leslie defended the claims that Pam has said she’s a liar, telling “No, I don’t at all, that’s what’s so baffling that she would say these horrible things about me.”

There is definitely no love lost between the two women and Leslie slammed Pam when she said why she’s enjoying her time outside of the drama back in Texas,

“I keep my mind off the wretched woman in Dallas!”



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