Move Over Man! Dog Proves She Is Pig’s Best Friend

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Nature is full of unlikely matches and this latest adorable friendship is more like a scene from Babe than Disney’s Fox And The Hound.

Susie the boxer got a surprise new pal when her owner adopted a tiny piglet who was abandoned on the side of the road at just a few days old, and moved the “shivering and alone” curly-tailed youngster into their home at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, England.

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Named Tabitha, the little piggy rapidly grew up to be almost as big as her canine roommate, and the pair soon became inseparable even eating, sleeping and playing together, and now love nothing more than getting together for a dose of rambunctious horse play.

“They just took an instant shine to each other and whilst Susie wanted to mother Tabitha at first as she’s grown older they seem to be the very best of friends,” Wendy Valentine, the founder of Hillside told the

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“They are constantly with each other and don’t like being separated.”

A video of their animal wrestling named Piggy And Puggy (even thought Susie is clearly a boxer!) became a YouTube hit and went viral getting fans from all over the world.

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Susie herself was a rescue after being found abused at a Welsh puppy farm, so she knows the importance of getting a warm welcome at a new home.

“They go to sleep with each other and eat next to each other. It’s lovely to see them playing with each other, Susie is very gentle with her and seems  to know she’s only young,” explained their adopted ‘Mom.’

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“They go racing around the room, rolling on their backs playing,  it’s very funny.”

The only fear is that Tabitha is going to become so big that she will hog the bed from Susie. A full grown pig can weigh up to 280 pounds, while the average boxer usually tops the scales at a svelte 70 pounds.

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“Tabitha is growing so fast though we’re just worried she might end up squashing Susie by accident,” revealed Valentine.

Watch the super cute video of Susie and Tabitha below:


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